Proton Markets offers a wide range of


FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (Application Programming Interface) is a universal standard that is used by several banks, prime brokers, and hedge funds. It is the electronic communication protocol for financial information exchange. In order to meet the growing needs of our professional and institutional clients, we offer a wide range of services that can enhance your trading abilities and performance.

Proton Capital Markets FIX API is the electronic solution that enables you to perform FX trades automatically from your own systems. In order to address specific customer requirements, while also enables traders to get connected to our deep liquidity pool, we have implemented our FIX API connection so you can have high-speed connectivity and ultra-low latency execution.

Our clients are free to use their own existing trading platforms and software to receive price quotes and place orders. With our FIX API trades are transmitted quickly and reliably to the largest banks in the world. We offer premium access to our deep liquidity pool and to our competitive prices. In addition there are no additional delays or re-quotes on orders during the order confirmation process.

What are the benefits of trading with Proton Capital Markets FIX API?

• You can keep using own existing customized FIX API trading software.
• You can trade with deep liquidity aggregated from world-known banks and several LPs.
• You can monitor market depth in real-time, while also apply own trading models.
• Competitive commission structure.
• Monitor all trading activities from a single account.